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Das Burgus-System ist ein System, dass sich im Hotep-Sektor von dem Beta-Quadrant befindet.

Systembeschreibung[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

The Burgus asteroid belt is approximately 47.9 million kilometers from Burgus Iota 20, a Class-F dwarf star. The asteroids of the belt are comprised of rocky shells around cores of iron, deuterium, carbon and fistrium alloys.

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Screenshot von der nun-entfernten Mission "Die Rückkehr"
  • The original version of Where Angels Fear to Tread, called “The Return”, also took place in the Burgus-System. This mission contained references to the Iconians and the Iconian Dreadnought Obex, that have been removed since.
  • Its central star is Burgus Iota 20 and its devoid of planets. It is close to Borg-occuppied space.