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Strategische Sekundäre Deflektoren

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Strategische Sekundäre Deflektoren are Sekundärer Deflektoren that are available for requisition through the Flotte Forschungslabor. Strategic Secondary Deflector variants are outfitted with either Accuracy, Defense or Energy Weapon Damage bonuses, which are only available from a Fleet Research Lab. They are otherwise identical to standard Secondary Deflectors.

As with all Fleet Holdings, you can get yourself invited to a different fleet's Research Lab that is already upgraded to Tier III if your own fleet is lacking that particular upgrade.

Arten[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Leitartikel: Sekundärer Deflektor

Strategic Secondary Deflectors function the same as standard secondary deflectors, but are some of the only ones obtainable already at

  1. redirect Vorlage:Ultra Rare quality; most other secondary deflectors need to be upgraded to reach that level. The difference lies in their available mods (see below)
  • Inhibiting Secondary Deflector icon.png
    Ultra Rare icon.png
    Strategic Inhibiting Secondary Deflectors are
  1. redirect Vorlage:Ultra Rare secondary deflectors. Inhibiting Secondary Deflectors cause Science Boff abilities with Control effects, such as Jam Sensors, Tractor Beam, Tractor Beam Repulsors, Scramble Sensors, Gravity Well and Photonic Shockwave, to cause a burst of Radiation damage after four seconds.
  • Deteriorating Secondary Deflector icon.png
    Ultra Rare icon.png
    Strategic Deteriorating Secondary Deflectors are
  1. redirect Vorlage:Ultra Rare secondary deflectors. Deteriorating Secondary Deflectors cause Science Boff Debuff abilities, such as Tachyon Beam, Charged Particle Burst, Energy Siphon, Tyken's Rift, and Viral Matrix, and Destabilizing Resonance Beam, to cause Radiation damage over time to your target for ten seconds.
  • Resonating Secondary Deflector icon.png
    Ultra Rare icon.png
    Strategic Resonating Secondary Deflectors are
  1. redirect Vorlage:Ultra Rare secondary deflectors. Resonating Secondary Deflectors cause Science Boff abilities that heal or buff yourself or allies, such as Hazard Emitters, Mask Energy Signature, Polarize Hull, Science Team, Transfer Shield Strength and Photonic Officer, to slightly increase shield damage resistance and improve hull healing effects on that target.

These secondary deflectors each cost 10,000 Flottencredits 7,300 Refined dilithium icon.png.

Modifikator Kombinationsmöglichkeiten[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Research Lab Research Facilities Tier I is required to purchase the [Def] secondary deflectors.
  • Research Lab Research Facilities Tier II is required to purchase the [Acc] secondary deflectors.
  • Research Lab Research Facilities Tier III is required to purchase the [EnDmg] secondary deflectors.

Each Strategic Secondary Deflector has:

  • One of [Acc], [Def], or [EnDmg]
  • One of [SA +Dmg], [SA +Heal], or [-Recharge] ([SA -Def] and [+Chance] are not available)
  • Two standard modifiers (of which [CtrlX] can appear twice, but the others cannot)

Thus there are a total of 396 options: 3 (Inhibiting/Deteriorating/Resonating) × 3 ([Acc]/[Def]/[EnDmg]) × 44

Store order[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Tier I Options   Tier II Options   Tier III Options
Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4 Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4 Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4
[CtrlX]x2 [Def] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX]x2 [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX]x2 [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg]
[CtrlX] [Def] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [CtrlX] [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap]
[CtrlX] [Def] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg]
[CtrlX] [Def] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Dmg]
[CtrlX] [Def] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap]
[Def] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap]
[Def] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [EnDmg] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX]x2 [Def] [-Recharge] [CtrlX]x2 [Acc] [-Recharge] [CtrlX]x2 [EnDmg]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [EPG] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [EPG] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [EPG]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [HullCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [EPG] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [EPG] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [EPG] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [Def] [HullCap] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [HullCap] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [EPG]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [HullCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [EPG] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [EPG] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [EPG] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [Def] [EPG] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [EPG] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [EPG] [HullCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [HullCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [HullCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [ShdHeal]
[CtrlX]x2 [Def] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX]x2 [Acc] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX]x2 [EnDmg] [SA +Heal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Heal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Heal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShCap]
[Def] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShCap]
[Def] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [Acc] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [EnDmg] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]

Sortable order[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

In this table, the mods have been reordered by rarity, with the standard mods occupying the first two spots, the sehr selten mod occupying the third, and the Strategic-only mod occupying the forth. [CtrlX]x2 was split into two separate [CtrlX] for sorting purposes.

Ungewöhnlich Mod Selten Mod sehr selten Mod Vorlage:Ultrarare Mod
[CtrlX] [CtrlX] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[ShCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [CtrlX] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[ShCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [CtrlX] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[ShCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]

Vorlage:Modifikatoren/Sekundärer Deflektor

Liste der Flotteneinrichtungen  Bearbeiten 
Bild Name (Hinzugefügt) Abteilungen Stufen Einkaufstyp Ort
Fleet Starbases.jpg Flottensternenbasis
(12. Juli 2012)
5 Schiffswaffen, Schiffsschilde
Deflektoren, Impulsantriebe
Bodenwaffen, Personenschutzschilde, Elite Träger Begleitung
Aldebaran Nur Föderation
& Archanis Nur Klingone Sektoren
Fleet Embassy interior.jpg Botschaft
(13. November 2012)
3 Waffensignaturneutralisator und Verstärker
Romulanische Kit Rahmen und Module, Verbrauchsgüter, DOff Auftragsslots,
Romulanische Brückenoffiziere
Fleet Dilithium Mine.jpg Dilithiummine
(20. Juni 2013)
3 Flotte Warpkerne/Flotte Singularitätskerne
Erweiterte technische Rüstungs-Konsolen/Erweiterte technische RCS Konsolen
Bajoranischer Sektor
Fleet Spire.jpg Spire
(12. November 2013)
3 Plasma-Integrierte Warpkerne/Thoron-Infussionierende Singularitätskerne Erweiterte taktische Schwachstellen Konsolen, Spire Trägerbegleitung
Spire Experimentelle und Prototypen Kit Rahmen und Module
Fleet Research Lab.jpg Forschungslabor
(16. Juli 2015)
3 Vielseitige Kit Rahmen und Berufsspezifische Module
Strategische Sekundäre Deflektoren, Partikel-fokussierende Wissenschaftliche Konsolen
Erweiterte Slots für Eigenschaften und F&E Projekte, Krenim BOffs und DOffs
K-13.jpg K-13
(25. Oktober 2016)
3 23. Jahrhundert Bodenwaffen, Raumwaffen
23. Jahrhundert BOffs, DOffs, Lehrbücher, Kit Module
Eigenschaften Erweiterungen
Xenotech technische Konsolen
DranuurColony.png Koloniewelt
(3. Oktober 2017)
Erneuerbare Energie
5 Lukari & Kentari gestaltete Bodenwaffen, Personenschilde, Rüstung, Raumwaffen
Protomaterie-Matrix-Infusion-Konsolen Taktisch; Protomaterie-Warpkerne, Singularitätskerne
Deflekoten, Sekundäre Deflektoren, und Antrieb; Channeling Schiffschilde
Lukari/Kentari BOffs, Kitrahmen, Kit module & Lehrbücher